Become a

Certified Life Director®

Become a

Certified Life Director®

5 Day Retreat Certification
This retreat will offer the most dynamic and interactive learning experience you’ve ever had where you will be taught The Life Director TLD® tools, skills and techniques by Nadine in the most pragmatic and creative way imaginable.

You will get to learn this unique life coaching method theoretically first then you will implement all this theory to your daily living in the most practical way possible .
Day 1

You will learn all about the Theater Stage and its elements and the link between this and your real life! You will get an incredible opportunity to write your story verbalizing it all in words before you take these words into action mode later on during the day.

You get to verbally discuss this story then act all aspects of it that will demonstrate your current reality. You will get to express all the thoughts and emotions that are linked to that story and all that you need to bring change to in it.

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Day 2

You will learn how to make the right choices and discern between what’s serving your story and what’s not then you get a chance to write a new script of that story where you are the hero.

Anything that doesn’t contribute to you being the winner gets to be removed and all that needs to be added will be introduced so you get closer to that authentic identity that’s yearning to surface.

Once this is accomplished you get to act out this new story and start practicing living out that new identity relieved and proud of this accomplishment.

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Day 3

You will get to define your environment from supporting actors, backstage crew, stage manager, director, lighting , sound … you get to make a decision in regards to all of these factors that either upgrade or downgrade your show.

Center stage you will act out the leading role that you’ve acquired where you get to understand the value of becoming your one and only life director and owning your own stage being true to the Best and Most Authentic Part of You.

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Day 4

You will get to connect with your true life calling and instinctive talents. You get to start-practicing over and over this new identity believing that every bit of it resonates real well with who you are at the core+ by now.

Throughout this practice you become way more confident to reveal this to the outside world and to be vocal enough to advertise this New You with no hesitation or doubt.

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Day 5

By today you would have learnt all that’s needed to be grounded in your own Life Director Role so you can now easily become that catalyst that will turn someone else’s destiny around by helping every client of yours to become his or her own actual Life Director.

You will get on that purpose and mission to lead others to achieve fulfillment in their lives. By completing this retreat, the course and reading Nadine’s book ‘The Stage Is Yours’ you will become an official Life Director®.

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Become a
Certified Life Director TLD®

This certification will benefit you on a personal level as much as it will on a professional one. Nothing beats this opportunity of fully upgrading your own personal life by getting totally empowered, inspired and motivated by Nadine to launch your ‘real authentic life role’ and give yourself the title of ‘Life Director®’. This role and title will enable you to rewrite, reenact and redirect your own life story the way you always wanted!

Nadine creatively and meticulously put together multiple tools and skills from her own personal life and experience in acting, life mentoring, drama therapy and various personal development modalities to allow you to not only envision your Life Director® role but to actually act it out on stage till you perfect it! You will then take this practice from the stage to your own daily practical life and start living out your dream story that you will never permit yourself to compromise again!

Through these learnt techniques you will get to remove all blockages, hindrances and shifts imposed on you by other people or circumstances so you are honest and loyal to your authentic self more than anything or anyone else!

You will be guaranteed to have an eye, ear and soul opening experience to your own identity, purpose, happiness and fulfillment.

Can you also imagine being the catalyst for someone to experience destiny shifts in the right direction?
Isn’t it an amazing feeling to have that sense of purpose and mission to help others be led to achieve utter fulfillment in every area of life and to become the only ones to decide about their journeys?
Nothing is more gratifying for sure!
That’s why in this retreat you will also be trained to help every one of your clients to become his or her own Life Director®. Whether you’re already a life coach or aspiring to be one, a corporate leader, a business owner, a parent or someone who loves to pursue personal growth and bring more revelation to his or her own life, this retreat is definitely for you!
By completing this course, my book and the retreat I will be thrilled and overjoyed to certify you as a Life Director®.


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