Author of
The Stage is Yours

Author of
The Stage is Yours
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Are you looking for an opportunity to re-evaluate the 360 degree view of your life and start living the most authentic version of yourself ?

Then The Stage is Yours will be the best book for you!

This book may be your ultimate guide to restoring your truest self, regaining your greatest sovereignty and reclaiming your fullest life imaginable!
She has been nominated for an Academy Award, two Grammy Awards, and the Mercury Prize

I’m inviting you to
take that Director Seat

The only spot that secures you that 360 degree view!

After The Stage is Yours you will learn how to

Re-set your stage

Re-set and Re-model that stage the way that represents who you truly are at the core, what makes you happier and more fulfilled in life on every level.

Re-examine your backstage crew

Re-examine every character in your backstage and filter those who qualify to stay part of that vital place on your stage and those who ought to be fired!

Re-cast your supporting actors

Re-cast each one of the people claiming to support you so you get to evaluate their true intentions: those that are actually building you up to stay in the ‘spotlight’ and those envying you and shoving you aside to take that same ‘spotlight’ instead.

Re-write your life scenarios

Re-write that story the way you wanted all along or at least get closer and clearer to that story that serves you best: serves your gifting, potential, purpose, vision, instinctive talent and capability way better.

Re-hearse your overall life script

Envision your full life script from different angles and to keep rehearsing this new version of your story internally first then practically in real life till you make sure that this is the script that truly defines you on all levels.

Re-gain your spotlight

Feel confident to take hold of your rightful spot to shine without feeling guilty, intimidated, scared or apologetic.

Re-fine your life roles

Make a priority list of these life roles you already play so you can refine and upgrade each of those that you’d like to keep and to drop those that are draining and compromising your wellbeing. You will also learn how to evaluate if more future roles are worth taking on or not.

Re-define your newly invented you

Look into the old mirror verses the new mirror so you can compare the difference in every area of your life and totally fall in love in a healthy way with that more authentic version of yourself. You will learn how to hold on tight to every entity of it not compromising 1% of it any longer.

Re-advertise your newly invented you

First start believing that which you’re saying about your authentic self before you’re able to share it with the rest of the world. Your whole inner self-talk would have improved announcing your true essence which is fully rooted by now standing firm in the face of any storms or other people’s opinions!


Reveal to the world every aspect, dimension, talent and potential of your newly invented you that surfaced out of this introspective deep digging and labor of self-love that you exercised throughout this book.