An award-winning
music celebrity

An award-winning
music celebrity
Nadine has been fascinated by tunes and melody since she was a real small child and has been singing and performing as long as she can remember… way before she got up on a real stage!

As she developed her musical talent she became equally passionate about writing lyrics that delivered encouraging and uplifting messages so her listeners would nurture and sustain a positive outlook on life regardless of hardship and challenging times. Her rich background as an author, a life mentor, a personal development expert and creator of a life coaching method all contributed to her lyrics. Her own life insights surely reflected the human experience and many universal life themes in these songs!

Mish Bas Hayk

Ya 7ob

El Houb Mish Kafi


Shou Yale 3am Bi Seer

Ana El Mas2oule

Stay Positive

3eesh El Lahza

Mni7ke Kteer

Mish 3am Bi2der Nam