Let me direct you to put your Life-Revelation into Action Model!

Let me direct you to put
your Life-Revelation
into Action Model!

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Join Nadine at her events and Change your life

Webinar | feb 2024

‘What’s Your Story’ will be the title of this webinar. During this live interaction, Nadine will ask participants to write their own stories and to answer if they’ve ever given any thought to what their story would look like if done as a movie. She will invite them to decide on who was playing the leading role in their lives and who was their real Life Director!

Masterclass | feb 2024

Highly interactive and renowned 4 hour workshop to help individuals connect with a simple and clear formula to attain their full self-realization on all levels so they get to have a healthier personal image as well as a healthier team dynamic.

Retreat | april 2024

By the end of this 5 day retreat you will be granted a Life Director® certification that will benefit you on a personal as well as a professional level. Nothing beats this opportunity of fully upgrading your own personal life and empowering each of your clients to become his or her own Life Director®.

Nadine is the #1 choice master speaker empowering audiences with her Revolutionary Life Director Method merged with her Fascinating World of Theater!

She will inspire, motivate and train individuals to live out the best script of their lives ever!

Nadine’s talks are described as " fully engaging, theatrical and transformational”.


20 + years of experience with a diversified portfolio that includes Performing Arts in Theater & Music, Personal Growth & Development Expertise, Healing, Life Mentoring, Writing, Motivational Speaking as well as Entrepreneurship. All of this abundant background and her own life stories make her talks highly relatable to her audience.

Fully Engaging and Impactful

Nadine’s audience will not only stay captivated by her high energy and theatrical talent but will be led to engage on and off stage to practice what she teaches through practical life tools and insightful instruction.

Real Takeaway Value

Your whole life will be re-evaluated before your very eyes and you will get to truly become its owner by fully understanding how to become the Only Director of your Life.

Captivating Stories

Nadine’s concepts, instruction and insight will be presented in the most fascinating and entertaining way where storytelling, envisioning and acting is part of almost every minute of her speaking engagement.

You can book Nadine the Life-Revelation Master Speaker for your cultural, corporate or educational event as:

  • The Author of “The Stage is Yours"
  • A Corporate Masterclass Trainer
  • The Creator of the The Life Director TLD® Method
  • A Multi-talented Performer

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